Persuader Performance Boats in gearing up for production of the first of three new boats for release over the next year.
The first is the Persuader 170.
A 17ft outboard powered open bow.
The second boat is the Persuader 185 Sport Deck.  An 18.5ft outboard powered speedboat.
The third boat is the Persuader 185 open bow.  This is the open bow version of the Sport Deck. 

We are the newest boat builder in Bucyrus Ohio. Still getting a lot of things set up. Building test boats. Production boats should be at dealers by early 2016. 


Persuader Performance Boats

We have been designing boats for years. There are boxes and folders full of ideas and concepts. There will always be something new in the works. 

Top quality molds are a priority for better boats. And we have some of the best mold specialists and prototype people in the area available.